Historical Track Record

KPAC Solutions or its principles have acquired numerous operating companies across two industries: Manufacturing and Distribution.

KPAC Solutions’s Profile of Acquisitions:

  • Manufacturer of rotating mechanical seals for engine water pumps used in the automotive industry. Global market leader. Plants located in France, Mexico and China with worldwide distribution outlets. Customer base includes Ford, GM, Chrysler, Audi AG, Hyundai Motor Co., Daewoo Motors, Magna International, ASC Industries and Cardone Industries.
  • Manufacturing/Distribution Company in at least 10 states with multiple plants and service centers.
  • Manufacturing Company with 650,000 square feet in the USA and 250,000 square feet in Mexico.
  • Manufacturing Company of fertilizers. World-class plant located in Virginia.
  • Construction Company operating in 9 states with 600 motorized vehicles with hundreds of construction sites in process.
  • Construction Company licensed and operating in multiple states with multi-million dollar projects under construction.
  • Manufacturer in the book bindery industry with worldwide manufacturing/distribution assets. Global market share leader at the time of acquisition.
  • Manufacturer of Precision Drills and Routers for the printed circuit board industry in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

KPAC Solutions has either acquired companies from or sold companies to:

KPAC Solutions has been involved in over seven different industries in the last 19 years with many successful purchases and sales of multi-million dollar companies. Each acquisition was troubled in a significant manner to the point of being sold by the Seller. However, KPAC Solutions didn’t close or bankrupt a single acquisition. KPAC Solutions’s strategy is always to save a business rather than liquidate it.