Overview & Philosophy

The acquisition approach taken by KPAC Solutions provides a Seller with certainty for an immediate exit. Our solution is best equipped to help Sellers when most other options have already been explored or when time is of the essence. Our approach has been developed and refined over the last 19 years of buying distressed, broken, non-core, financially challenged, and/or poorly focused companies. The average company has had tens of millions of dollars in assets, hundreds of employees, multiple site operations encompassing European countries, the United States, Latin America and/or the Far East.

KPAC Solutions can quickly evaluate a potential acquisition with audited financials and limited insight from the existing management, all done off-site and with minimal disruption.

KPAC Solutions will then produce a timely Comprehensive and Detailed Valuation Proposal of a proposed offering for the company. A face-to-face meeting is scheduled if the Seller wishes to proceed to a binding Letter of Intent (LOI).

KPAC Solutions can move to closing within weeks of a signed LOI. The reason KPAC Solutions can close a deal so quickly is simple: limited warranties and representations are required from the Seller. Beyond environmental matters and the assets being lien free at the time of closing, the Seller is able to sell the business/company to us “AS-IS, WHERE-IS.” No pending or threatened lawsuits can exist against the company at closing, nor can there be any debt on the subsidiaries balance sheet.

KPAC Solutions pursues acquisitions where we will be able to contribute significant value through our strategic guidance, operating/turnaround management and financial planning capabilities. As a result, we include a “Still In Business” payment as part of the compensation to the Seller. This payment is made to the Seller post-closing if the company is still operating. KPAC Solutions has never completely closed down a business nor had any of its businesses file for bankruptcy. Likewise, the principals of KPAC Solutions have never filed for bankruptcy. This impressive track record, while dealing with troubled companies, is especially comforting to a publicly-traded Seller or a Seller with public debt.